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Dr. Jeremiah Reade Explores Florida, 1882-1883

By Irving Reade Eyster, 2007

Irving’s grandfather, Jeremiah Reade left a legacy through his reports of a primitive Florida which is shared in this book. Jeremiah’s reprinted columns which he had written for an Indianapolis newspaper while traveling throughout the state describes the villages, small towns, travel, culture, wildlife and people. It covers the entire state and has given us a rare glimpse of the small towns which are today large cities from Tallahassee to Key West, Indian Key and the Bahamas.

"For over half a century Irving and Jeane Eyster have been building a legacy in the Keys. At the end of the last century, Irving Eyster's grandfather. Jeremiah Reade, left a legacy of his own through the reports from a primitive Florida that have been shared with us here.

By reprinting his grandfather's written columns for his hometown Indianapolis newspaper as he traveled through the wilderness and the jungle that was once South Florida in 1882-1883, he has afforded us a time machine, a brief look into a time when our peninsular home teemed with wildlife, overflowed with pure fresh underground rivers of cool water, and was capable of growing foods, from tomatoes and pineapples to citrus and beans.

Thank you, Irving Reade Eyster, and thank you Jeremiah Reade. Thank you both for sharing this precious time capsule so that we too may have the opportunity to look back and see what a wonderful work of Nature this Florida has been, and to some extent still is." - From the forward by Steve Gibbs, newspaper article author


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